Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is structure of this script?

    Ans: This is a custom PHP script created with PHP (5.5.12), MYSQL (5.6.17) and lot of usefull jQuery plugins.

  • Can we integrate this script into our existing website?

    Ans: YES Of course. Please note this is multi-purpose application. You can just install it on your server with few very easy steps and you have your own social networking website ready and working. And if you want to enhance your existing PHP based website then you can copy and integrate the amazing features from this script to your website. It requires knowledge of PHP and little bit jQuery experience. Please remember integration of this script into an existing website depends on two things, your existing website structure or complexity and your skill to integrate this. We also provide paid integration or customization in case you need help.

  • I have not receive my script yet, what to do?

    Usually we try best to send the script in next 24 hours of the purchase time. But if in case you have not receive the scirpt yet, do not worry just send me an email at [email protected]. Mostly the delay caused due to two reasons, sometimes I could not check my emails in whole day or mostly we send the script to the buyer's PayPal address but they did not check there. Hoeever please do not worry :) You will definately receive your script.

  • What is difference between this and the previous release?

    Well, I say the current version 7 is the best creation among all versions. It has many new features and built 70% from scratch. Check full features list here

  • Does this application has an Admin Panel?

    No, Right now it does not have any admin panel. We believe admin panel should be rich enough in management of the website and we will be surely releasing this feature as an add-on very soon along with few more amazing features. Stay connected with us.

  • Can I see a demo ?

    Yes check out the demo to see this amazing script in action.

  • Contact

    If you have any questions, let me know: [email protected]